See how your company will benefit.

What’s really unique about Coright is that it benefits everyone in the ad-campaign value chain. From the global rights buyer with hundreds of active campaigns running, to the smaller participants such as freelancers and small companies. See how they all benefit, below.


For everyone

Set up new projects, invite contributors, agree on terms and sign them digitally. Coright provides a systemized overview of your campaigns and the terms if its copyrighted content, and you'll always be aware of it's expiration status. Being able to chat and filter its history keeps information in one place and not scattered in countless email threads and documents. Coright is simple, paperless, and safe.

  • Customize campaigns to include multiple content and use rights.

  • Always know when campaigns and rights expires.

  • Chat with any collaborator and keep conversations organized and filtered by project.


Rights buyers

Stay proactive with alarm reminders
Coright’s alarm features lets you plan your seasonal campaigns in advance. Get notified when it's time to activate your campaign rights, and get notified before they expire. 

Modify rights contracts
Modify or renew rights with a touch of a button
Gain insight to campaign collaborators and chat throughout the value chain.


Creative departments

Stay organized through employee and client turnover
Employees and clients will always come and go and contracts and communication often disappear with them. Coright makes sure that the information stays organized.



Protecting and elevating your talent
With expiration alarms you to make sure your talent are not misused and it also lets you suggest a contract renewal from the rights buyer.


Content creators

Protect and leverage your creative content
With expiration alarms you make sure content rights are not misused and it also lets you suggest a contract renewal from the rights buyer.


Talent and production staff

Stay updated and in the loop
Always stay updated about your upcoming jobs, get live production schedules (call sheet), and gain visibility into contracts negotiated on your behalf.


To summarize.


Save time

Too much time is wasted on confusing contract details and going back and forth through folders and email threads each year. Now, That's a thing of the past. 


Sharing more information between collaborators is making projects more transparent and it benefits everyone. Openness equals understanding.

Stay up-to-date

Master contracts, smart messaging and live call sheets allows you to always stay updated on what is going with your projects and collaborators.


Save resources

Stop overpaying for copyrights or losing royalty revenues. Also, wasting costly time dealing with confusing contracts and information is a thing of the past.

Broadened network

Our industry search tool and database lets you discover and connect with potential collaborators for your future projects, and be discovered by others as well.

Strong relationships

Easier access to contracts and information means less confusion, and less confusion means fewer mistakes that can lead to sour business relationships.


Smooth info-flow

Sporadic communication with calls, emails, and messaging apps, might not be the best way for to store and structure info. Coright messaging stores it all in one place.

Stay protected

Agreeing to the same terms and being notified about changes and expirations helps to protect against potential infringements and breech of contracts.


Transparency is good, but privacy is still important and sensitive info should be protected. That’s why we’ll let you administer visibility and access in your projects.