It's about time

We're creating a cloud-based platform for everyone working with copyrighted commercial content. We believe in a future with more transparency, less confusion, and better relationships. Our vision is for Coright to be a global standard for creative content rights management.


Our team


Jonas Vasbotten

With masters of Innovation Management from the University of Manchester our CEO brings passion and key knowledge about startup methodology and strategy.

Aron Conboy

Been working as a developer for 20 years with experience ranging from multimillion-dollar e-commerce revenue platforms to international government IT deployments.

Viktor Sakshaug

After studying in Denmark and working as a graphic designer in a leading creative agency, our designer is now passionate about making life simpler for people.


Pål Vasbotten

With over 30 years of international experience in our target market, Pål brings key insight. Previously founded Heartbreak, Pholk, and Oslo Fashion Week.

Jonas Mangerud
CFO & Co-Founder

Extensive industry network, experience and customer insight into our target market. With a strong economic background, he plays a vital role in developing our company.


Status timeline




Q2 - Development and testing
We are currently developing and testing our product

Q2 - CTO joining our team
We found a talented CTO to join our team.

Q1 - Prototype testing
Testing our prototype on several key users in many different sections, gaining valuable insight.

Q1 - Prototype development with Noroff students
Noroff engaged a group of students to help us create an early prototype for testing.




Q4 - Pre seed investors and mentors
We found two pre-seed investors who helps with both funding and mentoring.

Q3 - The Factory
We participated in The Factory Fall 18 program.

Q2 - Launched our website
We are proud to launch our website which explains our coming product. We hope you will find it inspiring and want to follow us.

Q1 - Clickable demo
We've built and tested a clickable demo of key features from our platform using design and prototyping tools Invision and Sketch.




Q4 - Hiring designers
We hired students from a local designer school to create something that could be tested with future potential customers. 

Q3 - Grant from Innovasjon Norge
We received a grant towards our marked validation study. This enabled us to hire design talent and get things moving.